Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Dear valued patient,

With the amazing work done by the state and federal health advisers and the Australia public, Australia is seeing great early results in its defense against COVID-19 – Well done so far!

Even so, we continue to take this seriously.

Regarding surgery:

Under the directive of the Federal and State Governments, elective surgery is now recommencing. Hospitals and their doctors are required to arrange operating lists in a way that allows ongoing social distancing.

At the forefront of all activity is patient and staff safety and so regular questionnaire and patient screening will be performed on arrival to and during patient stay in hospital.

Regarding clinics:

Currently, we are still conducting Telehealth appointments for patients in high risk categories for COVID-19, or those patients who prefer to not attend clinics.

Preference is for face-to-face appointments to be attended by patients undergoing initial consultations and first post-operative appointments.

If Xrays were arranged for your appointment, please have them performed prior to the date of your appointment at Jones and Partners, or Bensons, or Fowler Simmons radiology so that the images can be viewed by Dr Mooney at the time of your Telehealth appointment.

For those patients coming into the rooms for your appointment:

Please remember these recommendations for avoiding the spread of Coronavirus:

  • If you feel unwell (fevers, cough, sore throat, breathing problems) - then stay at home or present to a COVID-19 testing site.
  • Wash your hands frequently (with water and soap or alcohol-based hand sanitiser)
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes (with your arm or elbow) and wash hands afterwards.
  • Only the patient is to come into the rooms – any family or support members will be required to wait outside the consulting space to protect other patients and our staff members.

Please feel free to phone the rooms on 8236 4151 to discuss further, or to reappoint into the future, or to arrange a review in person, if required.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Dr Luke Mooney and his team – please click on these websites links for more information: